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System Requirements

For the best results, you should use the most recent version of the Internet Explorer browser. You must have the most recent version of Adobe's Acrobat reader installed to use this system.

Download Internet Explorer

Download Adobe Acrobat

Other browsers will work as well, but please check their documentation to verify that the have the ability to display PDF files in-line.

How Do I...?
How do I create a new account?
Creating a new account is free and easy. Simply visit the Signup page, fill out the form fields, and click the Continue button. Make sure to note the User Name and Email addres you select; you will need these to log in again later.

How do I create a new lease?
To create a new lease, go to your "My Account" screen, and in the box titled "Create a New Lease", select the type of lease you would like to create, then click the "Create Lease" button. This will open a form on which you can fill in your lease information. All of this is free. You do not need to pay until you have decided to download a final copy of the lease.

Please note that there are a certain number of required fields that you must fill out on the lease form before you can save of finalize your lease.

How do I finalize (purchase) a lease I've drafted?
When you are ready to finalize a lease you have drafted, you will first need to charge up your account. You charge up your account by buying a preset number of leases, which you then use up as you purchase (or "finalize") leases. This is very similar to using a pre-paid phone card. To find out how to recharge your account, see the next item in this list: "How Do I Recharge My Account?"

Once you have charged up your account, find the lease you want to finalize in the "Your Saved Leases" box. It should be in the Unfinalized Leases list. Click the "Finalize Draft" button next to the lease. You will be prompted to confirm. Remember, once you have purchased a lease, you will no longer be able to edit it. Click on the "Yes" button to confirm.

You will now be returned to your "My Account" page, where you will see that your Account Balance has been reduced by 1 lease. Your Finalized lease is now ready to be downloaded. You will find it in the box titled "Your Saved Leases", under the heading "Finished Leases (download only)"

How do I recharge my account?
When you are ready to finalize and purchase a lease, you will need to have at least 1 lease in your Account Balance. To add leases to your Account Balance, simply click the "Recharge Now" button in the "Your Account Balance" box, select the number of leases you would like to purchase, and fill in the credit card information on our secure form.
How do I download a blank lease?
You cannot download a blank lease using the Online Lease System. Leases need to be filled out before they can be finalized.

About Printing Leases
  1. Many of the forms on this site are required to be printed on legal sized paper. Please make sure that you have the correct paper size loaded in your printer for the form you are trying to print.
  2. Check the settings on your printer. In the Print Dialog box for Adobe Acrobat, make sure you have the proper settings, as follows:
    1. On certain systems, you can use the setting called "Choose Paper Source by PDF page size" to get the content of the form to fit correctly on the paper (see screenshot below).
    2. If the "Choose Paper Source by PDF page size" option is not available, then you can adjust the Page Scaling (see screenshot below) to "Shrink Large Pages". (On some systems, this setting might be in the form of a checkbox called "Shrink oversized pages to paper size").
    3. If you are unable to select this option, that is because your printer's own driver is overriding the Adobe option. The print driver for your own printer should have a similar setting to make the content "fit to page" that you will need to select.




Account (Online Lease Account)
To create draft leases which you can eventually finalize and download, you first need to create an Online Lease Account. You can do this by going to the Signup Page. An Online Leases account is different from a REBNY membership. Online Lease Accounts are free to set up, and it costs nothing to create draft leases. You will not need to pay until you are ready to finalize and download your lease. At that point, you will need to recharge your account

Draft Lease
A draft lease is a lease you are still working on - one that you have not finalized. When you print out a draft lease, it will have the words 'DRAFT' written accross every page. When you purchase the lease, the word 'DRAFT' will no longer be there.

When you have finished working on your draft lease, you may use the "Finalize Draft' button to purchase it. Finalizing a lease means you will no longer be able to change its contents. Once the lease has been finalized, it will appear in the Finalized Leases list on your "My Accounts' page. You can download the finalized lease as many times as you like.

Recharge (or charge up)
Charging up your account is like charging up a prepaid phone card. The number of leases in your Account Balance equals the number of leases you can finalize and download.